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July 16, 2020

9am - 1pm (Central)

Thank you to everyone who attended!

To see some of the testimonies we referred to during our meeting, please visit our YouTube channel. There are also ministries that we introduce from people who have been journeying with us.

This is the time for sons and daughters of the Most High King, Jesus Christ, to gather together with one mind and one purpose. Setting aside our own interests and taking on interest in each other. Forming strong bonds with one another as we build the tapestry of the body of Christ. Interconnecting resources, transforming and ushering in God's will on earth, as it is in heaven.

We will spend the time together, sharing the 3P vision, hearing testimonies, and forging new partners. With some practical insight and opportunities for next steps, as we seek the direct steps from our Father. We will also share insight into the current economics unfolding in the world today and ways to navigate this as we seek alignment with the kingdom of God.

We look forward to meeting you all and testifying to the goodness and mighty works of our Father and King Jesus, whilst carefully listening to the Holy Spirit, revealing Rhema, the spoken word, to us.

The heart of this gathering

As believers we all want to see God's kingdom advance. Sharing insights and experiences and making Spirit–led connections allow us to greatly accelerate this expansion. This focused time will cast vision and describe the mindset needed to effectively labor together toward that goal. Most importantly, it will move us past unrealized dreams and ideas to productive action.

You have probably heard multiple messages surrounding the topic of kingdom businesses, and business and work as ministry. These are valuable in their own right but are usually focused on what one individual or business can achieve when operating according to kingdom principles. We will be presenting from a much wider context — one that seeks to connect people and resources to effect global transformation. You will hear demonstrated ways to break down the walls between work and ministry and how to leverage one another's gifts instead of working in isolation.

A typical conference offers a buffet of sometimes unrelated approaches to choose from. The model at the core of this gathering, built on a kingdom mindset we hope to impart, is focused on taking inspired action which God can bless with fruitfulness beyond imagination. The word “gathering” speaks of relationship and unity, something near to God's heart for His body. The people and resource connections this model proposes further that unity and will multiply the fruit of our efforts.

3 Principles of the Gatherings

Principle #1 - Being led by the Holy Spirit

Principle #2 - Building relationship with each other

Principle #3 - Business and Ministry partnering


James Du Plooy

James Du Plooy

James Du Plooy is an international businessman with a kingdom mindset which he shares with unquenchable passion. Hailing from South Africa, James is CEO of Mainspring Resourcing and Beyond Borders Enterprises, firms involved respectively in staffing, investments and management consulting. He also founded Boulder Foundation, through which businesses and individuals advance community transformation and the kingdom of God around the world.


Fulton Sheen

Fulton Sheen

Fulton was twice elected county treasurer in Allegan County Michigan USA, and served 3 terms as a Michigan State Representative. Fulton and his wife Cheryl operated a financial advisory practice, Sheen Financial, for over 20 years. Fulton is the director of Isaiah 58:12, a faith based disaster relief and preparedness group. In addition to assisting in disasters, he and his team have trained over 1,600 volunteers to work with first responders in Search & Rescue, First-aid & Triage and terrorist mitigation. Fulton has served on the National Federation of Independent Businesses MI Leadership Council since 1992. Currently Fulton heads a customer service company which provides client services for financial service providers. Fulton and Cheryl also operate F&C Enterprises which assists people in the purchase of tangible assets such as precious metals and bulk foods. Fulton speaks nationally and internationally on economic and financial issues; including world markets, the sovereign debt crisis, and alternative financial structures.

Todd Scholl

Todd Scholl

Todd Scholl is from Highlands Ranch, Colorado and married to his lovely bride Phung. They have been blessed with 3 children. Todd has been involved in the electronic payment industry for about 20 years through his company called Access Payment Systems. In addition, Todd has been involved in a variety of other business ventures through the years. Over 8 years ago the Lord led Todd and his good friend, Mike Farr, to start a ministry, now called The Rhema Group. This ministry is focused on building men up into their identity in Christ and bring transformation by the renewing of their minds. Men are encouraged to listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit and learn to obey what He says and in turn learn to encourage others through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Todd has a passion for followers of Christ to walk in what they have been given by the Lord and to know the Lord at an intimate level.

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Topics of discussion

The Third Principle

God planted the seed for the Third Principle (3P) Business Model over a decade and a half ago when a few businessmen dreamed together about more effective ways to fund business and ministry around the world. Six years ago one of those fellows, James Du Plooy, formalized and implemented the model in his own businesses. He and others have seen surprising results taking this approach that apportions profits evenly between giving, reinvestment in business, and shareholder returns. James does not hold this out as the only way, or as any kind of rule. It simply represents one proven example of how to combine a method, faith in God, and action for extraordinary results.

Transforming Communities and Boulder Foundation

As 3P business profits were apportioned for giving to expand the kingdom, James recognized the need for a vehicle to identify and support strategic ministry relationships, and he formed the nonprofit organization, Boulder Foundation. (He'll explain the name, but rest assured it bears no relation to Boulder, Colorado!) Again, he presents its efforts as nothing more than a working model, connecting business with nonprofit and ministry ground forces to meet needs and change the face of communities globally. Three of the ten key areas of emphasis that Boulder Foundation currently supports include educating and empowering the unemployed, third world agriculture, and medical missions. You'll be inspired to act by the stories James will share of God accomplishing the seemingly impossible in desperate settings.

A Global Vision and Kingdom Funding

Another unique aspect of 3P is reinvestment in business: not only in one's own business, but also in other kingdom businesses. Much potential profit is siphoned away through the exorbitant cost of money levied through the banking industry. It is not that we are anti–banking, but rather pro–kingdom. If there is a choice as to where the money will go, then let's use it for kingdom purposes rather than enriching financial institutions. In this section we address the need to move from the limits imposed by independence to healthy interdependence, allowing God to weave us into a tapestry connecting business and ministry around the world. God is big on relationships. As we choose to walk in the light and make ourselves vulnerable to share in both one another's successes and disappointments, we will experience fellowship at a deeper and infinitely more satisfying level.

Taking Action Together

Our focus will be responding to what God has been birthing in our hearts. We have talked about the importance of connecting with others and working together, now we will put this into action. Individuals attending will be invited to share a two–minute description of the work they envision undertaking. As they do, some others listening will resonate with that vision and decide to join them.

We are trusting the Holy Spirit to move in Day 2, drawing people into teams to work together toward a common goal. After testifying how God has done this in other parts of the world, James will prompt attendees to break into groups. The remainder of our time together will be forming relationships, refining vision, and determining next steps.

Since the goal of this gathering is sustained action, not simply sharing information, we'll wrap up the day with a follow–up plan to maintain our collective forward momentum.

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